Baker’s Craft Goa

First of all, Thank you for visiting our website!

Baker’s Craft is a one-stop-shop for all your baking and cake decoration needs in Goa. With an inventory of 1000+ products, we offer the most essential baking and cake decorating needs. The Store is located in the heart of Mapusa Market with ample parking space right ahead.

Baker’s Craft is owned by Simonia Retail and Trade Ventures with over 50 years of baking experience with its parent store Simonia’s. We are Digitally Integrated & Strategically empowered by WHN NextWeddingsdeGoa.
The Store began with an aim to make available the basic ingredients & tools to the home bakers in Goa.

Get all Baking essentials under one roof

From sourcing your ingredients to finding the right tool for crafting, we have it all covered. Being into the bakery business and knowing the efforts that go behind in sourcing items inspired us to open our Baking Essential store in Goa. We want to make life easy for all home bakers and Professionals to source their baking and cake needs.

If we are able to meet your needs, for your cakes to be crafted from Good to Great then we are delighted to serve you.